Valicenti Pasta Farm

Hillsborough County, NH 03049

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Valicenti Pasta Farm is a producer of unique gourmet ravioli, fresh pasta and farmstead pasta sauces all made using ingredients grown on our 10 acre farm in Hollis, NH.
Started in 2008 by fine dining chef David Valicenti upon returning to the place where he was raised after many years spent in New Orleans working in intense, technical, ingredients-driven kitchens of the city, the Pasta Farm has grown to be strong participants in over 30 weekly summer farmers' markets in and around the Boston area.
Specializing in eclectic flavors of ravioli and robust, simple pasta sauces which are made combining fine dining chef skill and sensibility using traditional family methods and the best farm grown ingredients, Valicenti Pasta Farm essentially makes what you would find on the tables of David's childhood, only with a modern twist.

Production Practices

Integrated Pest Management Extended Growing Season Use Only Organic Materials Non Gmo Perennial Crops Crop Rotation Cover Crops Low Till Polyculture Design Uncultivated Landscape Management


PO Box 273, Hillsborough County, NH 03049

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