Farmspread is a marketplace platform, supporting a community of farmers, food vendors, market managers and consumers by providing a wide range of tools to help cultivate and scale alternative food distribution and consumer access.

Services we provide

Farmspread provides tools to help manage, promote and sell farm fresh food and artisan products while connecting consumers with farm direct food outlets. Our platform provides tools to help scale alternative food distribution markets. We do this in two primary ways:

We provide tools for farmers markets and vendors

Whether you manage a farmers market or are a direct food vendor, we can help you manage your business and connect you to customers.

We are an online marketplace for people who want access to local fresh food options

We provide tools to directly connect farmers and local food vendors to communities of buyers; we use technology to scale the age old relationship between local producers and consumers and to reinvest in the power of local communities.

Core Values

Founded by a group of software developers, market managers and local food producers who understand that the first social network is the dinner table. A group who recognizes the important role that local farmers, farm communities and food vendors play in the health and enjoyment of our food, our lives, and more widely our planet.

Our mission is simple:

1) to provide tools to help manage local farm food suppliers/markets and,

2) to connect farms and food to folks through alternative food distribution and consumer markets.

Our values center around a few core principals.


People should have access to real food options, grown and produced by people, as close to the source as possible.


People have the right to know the standards under which their food was grown and produced so they can make the most informed decisions for what they put on their table.


People should know where their food comes from and should be able to connect with the people behind their food when needed.


By eliminating the middlemen we allow farmers to maintain higher standards of quality and earn more while ultimately charging consumers less.

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