Bracelets by Marissa

Hillsborough County, FL 33635

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Bracelets by Marissa is owned and operated by 9 year old Marissa. Started in early 2016, she wanted to sell her rubberband bracelet creations and asked to donate a portion of her sales to charity. Marissa has expanded her line, continued to grow her skills, and donated over $1,000 to charity in three years.

Production Practices

Marissa makes nearly all products herself, but employs family members in busy seasons. She is committed to making quality products.


Hillsborough County, FL 33635


Marissa is 9 years old, and the "middle child." She has a heart for animals and people in need. Her favorite color changes regularly, and although she loves hearing she is pretty - she would rather hear she is smart, creative, or kind.


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