BlueJay Arts LLC

Dallas County, TX 75214

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BlueJay Arts is all about creating beautiful, artisan household items and home decor. Our range includes coasters, serving boards, decorative art and much more.
BlueJay Arts uses clear resin, colorful inks and other items to hand-craft stunning works of art. Pieces range from subtle and calming with deep accents to exciting and bubbly with vibrant splashes of color and imagination.
Each piece is lovingly designed, crafted and finished right here in Dallas, Texas!

Production Practices

Epoxy resin comes in two (liquid) parts that are mixed together, then poured into molds. We add inks, pigment, and various objects and place them on level shelves in a temperature controlled room. Resin takes about 36-48+ hours to cure and harden. Once our pieces have hardened, we take them out at sand the rough edge that appears along the rim. Then a thin layer of resin is poured on the back to create fully reversible pieces and create a finished product.


Dallas County, TX 75214

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