Tree Folk Farm

Denton County, TX 76208

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Tree Folk is a diversified farm in Denton, TX.
We grow seasonal selections of mushrooms, fruits, and vegetables. We use ecological growing low till methods which does not include using synthetic fertilizers nor pesticides nor herbicides. We incorporate regenerative agriculture methods where mushroom "waste" becomes compost and mulch for healthy vegetables, fruits and trees.

Production Practices

Integrated Pest Management Use Only Organic Materials Extended Growing Season Permaculture Design Low Till

We practice regenerative agriculture on one acre. We make our own compost and work the soil in order to increase soil biology. We only use organic approved pest controls when necessary. We are growing mushrooms indoors on sawdust.


Denton County, TX 76208


Andrea and Matt Gorham
We began gardening together in 2012 and decided to make it our career in our drive to contribute to a food system with many small local farms, producing good quality produce that replenishes soil life.


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