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Upshur County, TX 75644

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3BN Ranch is who we are: Brian, Nicole, Brayden, and Bayli.
Brian and I purchased our 400-acre ranch with the dreams of having a cow/calf operation. (isn't that what you do in Texas?) It didn’t take long for us to realize our small scale operation wasn’t going to support us. The land we purchased was very overgrazed and there was not enough forage. We were determined not to give up and decided to diversify. We started rotational grazing which gives the soil a chance to rest and absorb nutrients for the next growing season. We brought in goats and sheep to help with the weed control. We raise chickens out on the pasture which puts natural fertilization down, and our pigs break up the ground and mixed in the natural chicken fertilize. Our adventure quickly turned into full-time ranching. We are a family operated first generation ranch. We run the ranch ourselves with our two children. We love raising our animals “the old fashion way.” We have a passion for environmental stewardship and animal husbandry. We raise all of our animals on pasture and not in confinement barns. We utilize low-stress animal handling techniques for happier healthier animals for your family and ours.
Somewhere along the road, something went horribly wrong. Even with the best of intentions, farmers lost ownership to corporations, and production and dollars were placed above animal (and human) welfare and our food system became completely unsustainable. Join us in rebuilding a food system that gives the soil a chance to rest and absorb nutrients for the next growing season, allows animals to be raised in their natural environment out on pasture with sunshine and fresh air and treated humanely. Help us bring back the relationship between consumers and farmers. Join us in building our farm!!!


Upshur County, TX 75644

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