Thompson Produce

Kaufman County, TX 75143

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My family have been at the Dallas Farmer's Market since it opened in 1941. I personally have been there for over 50 years. We have operated as farmers, farm merchants, and now, I work as a dealer. When we have crops in the field we sell those at the market, but mostly at present, our main focus is on nuts of all kinds. We try to have the freshest nuts that are available. We have Texas pecans and peanuts (when available), also cashews, pistachios, walnuts, almonds and many others. We also have a large selection of dried fruit, dried chilies, and shelled beans and peas. Local honey is one of our top sellers. We carry it from an 8 oz. bear up to a 12 lb. gallon. We also carry a large selection of locally made jams, jellies, relishes and salsas. In the spring and summer we have herbs and vegetable plants for sale. We accept cash and credit /debit cards. We were the first on the market to accept EBT/LONE STAR cards.


Kaufman County, TX 75143

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