Dallas County, TX 75201

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Mai Eats is a Dallas family business that brings Lao cuisine to the DFW community one bite at a time. Mai spring rolls are hand-rolled and filled with meat & veggies, served with sweet chili dipping sauce topped with peanuts. Mai dessert iced tea pairs well with the crunch of each spring roll. We also offer fresh juices (watermelon, pineapple, orange, and grapefruit) - All "juiced" inside the fruit with Southeast Asian nectars to add a Lao'd kick of sweetness. Our newest item is the Lao CocoCurry, red curry served with snow peas and zuchinni over jasmine rice in a resusable coconut bowl - your choice of vegan or chicken. Taste Laos in Every Bite!


Dallas County, TX 75201

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