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Each one of Tom's jewelry creations is limited edition or one of a kind, "Art To Wear". He works in many mediums including metal, glass, stone, and wood. Many creations use mixed media to create unique designs and compositions of jewelry. One of the statements Tom often hears from his repeat customers; "people will stop them when they see your jewelry I am wearing and the jewelry quickly becomes a conversation piece".

Each one of my jewelry pieces is a limited edition or one of a kind creation, "art to wear" I work in many different mediums including metals, glass, stone, and wood and often mix these to create unique pieces of jewelry that become conversation pieces. All pieces are hand worked, cast, tooled etc. depending on the material. My jewelry creations include broaches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cuff links and customized jewelry available by request.

Briefly describe what makes your work unique.
The one thing that my customers say about my work is tit is unique and personal to them. The mix of materials is always commented on which makes my jewelry unique as well. I take care with every piece I make to make sure that it reflects my ideals as an artist and reflects my high standards for design/art. I have a large repeat business with my customers. In fact they often tell me when they wear my jewelry that people stop them and ask where did you get that. They are very pleased to tell them that their jewelry is either one of a kind or a limited edition. I love hearing back from my customers and they are very supportive to my art.

I have worked professionally as an artist for the past 26 years. "my jewelry is Art to Wear that reflect the spirit and cultures of our past and present. It is surprising how many ancient design we see today in jewelry and many Dukeantics contemporary pieces reflect these elements." Tom holds a BFA degree from Virginia Commonwealth University with a minor in Psychology.


VA 23225


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