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AMY’S ACCESSORIES, LLC, is a small business owned and operated by jewelry designer Amy Mathieux, and located in Richmond, Virginia. I design, fabricate and sell earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The materials used include sterling silver, brass, bronze, copper and a wide selection of semi-precious stones, pearls, glass beads and stringing materials such as wire, silk, and leather cords. I use a variety of methods to produce the jewelry including hot and cold metal working techniques, crochet and wire wrapping. My work is inspired by the lovely shapes, textures and geometry of nature, as well as the intrinsic beauty of the materials themselves.

Production Practices

All the jewelry is lovingly handmade by artist Amy Mathieux. I purchase recycled metal from a domestic company, and create many of the findings myself, such as earwires, soldered and jump rings, bails and clasps. I also use a chemical free pickling solution to remove firescale from soldered pieces.


VA 23235


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