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Have you ever been at an event and wanted to eat something different? Are you looking for an interesting and delicious alternative to the typical fare? Questions like those were the genesis for Monique’s mobile crêpe biz. Monique’s mom is French and visiting with her relatives provided many opportunities to eat and prepare crêpes and their savory cousin, the galette. Monique traveled to Brittany, France, the birthplace of crêpes, to obtain her training and certification from a crêperie.
Monique travels throughout the area with her mobile trailer to create her hand-crafted crêpes for you. You can watch her prepare your crêpe through the windows of her trailer. At the heart of Monique’s Crêpes is the food – Monique partners with regional growers to bring you the best tasting and freshest ingredients available while also supporting local farmers and orchards. She uses two traditional batters – a gluten-free buckwheat flour batter for her savory galettes and for her sweet crêpes, a batter made from white flour, milk, egg and sugar.
She loves our planet and wants to be a good steward as she serves take-away foods. With that in mind, Monique’s napkins, containers, plates, cups, utensils, etc. are compostable. Her impact is on taste, not waste. She is also using the quietest propane generator available to make your ordering and eating experience more enjoyable. Savored for centuries, crêpes are celebrating a worldwide revival today and for good reason. Come, let us introduce you to Monique’s hand-crafted sweet and savory delights!


Hanover CountyVA


Monique Pecora
Owner and Chef


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