Family of Nuts

Specialty/Food Artisan

Fairfax County VA 20151

Family of Nuts

Specialty/Food Artisan



We are a locally owned and operated nut roaster located in Chantilly VA. We are currently selling at One Loudon & Brambleton EatLoCo Farmers Market, Vienna Farmers Market, Old Town Alexandria North Farmers Market, Vienna Farmers Market, NOVA, Pike, & Bethesda Central Farmers Markets, Great Falls, Herndon, McLean & Kingstowne Farmers Markets and Eastern Market Weekend Farmers Markets. Recently we have partnered with Old Bust Head Brewery, Great Country Farms, & Henway Hard Ciders. We have had great success at these venues. The dry roast process that we use to roast our nuts ensures that we are delivering the healthiest roasted nuts. When we roast using the dry-roast method there are no added oils, preservatives or any other ingredients, so what you get is the most natural roasted version of the nut as you can get. All of the nuts we roast are the highest quality, and size based on each particular nuts characteristics and qualities that make it taste the best, and they are sourced from US nut farmers, with the exception of cashews, which do not grow in the US,. The peanuts we use are from Virginia. Our nuts are roasted fresh to order, so you know you are getting the freshest nuts possible. We believe that nuts are a perfect healthy snacking alternative to chips, and other processed foods. And unlike fruits & veggies, nuts have a longer shelf life, require little if any prep to taking them on the go- you just throw them in your briefcase, purse, or backpack & go. You do not need anything but your fingers to eat them, & they are not messy. More & more you are seeing nuts as a main ingredient in recipes that are vegetarian, vegan, keto, & gluten-free as stand alone ingredients but also as a binding agent in breads, pastas, & burgers. Try our nuts and you will taste our passion.

Production Practices

Non Gmo

We use a dry roast process by which we turn on the roaster, heat it to 400 degrees, then add salt, once the salt reaches the appropriate temperature based on the nut, anywhere between 200-400 degrees, we add the nuts then roast them for anywhere between 4-8 minutes, again based on the type of nuts. We take the nuts out and put them on cooling racks and let them cool, if we are going to season them with salt, we add the nuts to a mixing roaster with no heat, coat the nuts lightly with water then add salt. The nuts then go back on a cooling rack, and once they are dry and cool we fill our orders. DELICIOUS!


Chantilly, VA

Warehouse @
14740 Flint Lee Rd
Unit L
Chantilly VA