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Broccoli Raab/ Cima di Rapa


Cilantro - Plant or fresh cut

Collard Greens



Dressing Kit

Flat and Curly parsley - plant starts and fresh

Free Range Chicken Eggs

French Breakfast Radish

Fresh Asparagus

Fresh Cut Herbs

Fresh Green Beans

Ground Cherries

Heirloom Tomatoes - plant starts, fruit

Heirloom Tomato Seedlings

Herb Starts

Herb Starts

Lavender - plants, fresh cut and dried flowers

Marina di Chioggia

Marjoram - plant starts, fresh

Mints - plant starts, fresh cut and dried

Mixed Cherry Tomato Variety

Mustard Greens

Peperoncino Picante Calabrese

Perennial potted plants

Rainbow Swiss Chard

Raw Honey

Red Bourbon Turkeys

Red Clover Flowers

Red or Green Okra

Rosemary plant starts, fresh cut and dried

Round Zucchini

Sage plant starts, fresh cut and dried

Salad Mix

Savoy Cabbage

Spicy Salad Mix

Stinging Nettles - fresh cut or dried

Suyo Long Cucumbers

Thyme - potted, fresh cut, dried

Tri-Colored Fresh Beans

Tri-Color Potatoes

True Baby Carrots

Various Cut Flowers


Wax Beans


We are a naturally grown homestead that focuses on heirloom and unusual International produce along with pasture raised heritage and rare breed animals like Red Bourbon Turkeys and Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs along with free range chickens. We do not use pesticides or chemicals and No-GMO seed.

Production Practices

Antibiotic And Hormone Free Pastured Free Range Non Gmo Perennial Crops Crop Rotation Cover Crops


St Clair CountyMI 48039


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