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As an emerging artist, I am most known for my abstract artwork with the use of acrylic paint, water, and polymer medium set on wood panels. I have spent the last several years researching and experimenting with different pigment interactions and how elements as small as a drop of water can completely change the course of a painting. Through this experimentation, I have discovered ways of creating organic cellular shapes and ribbons by using the natural characteristics of acrylic paint. In my works, I attempt to push the boundaries of color theory and invite the viewer to draw their own conclusion. More recently, I have begun to incorporate figurative portraits into my abstract work. By implementing gravity, temperature, and density, I create paint mutations that mimic shapes, colors, and patterns that we might find in the ocean, in the sky, in the soil, or under a microscope.

My work is heavily influenced by nature and the world around us. I find symmetry and congruence in everything from a tiny organism to large celestial objects. It cultivates the idea that all things are connected and have the possibility to share similar and basic characteristics.


VA 23225


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