Running Springs Area Farmers Market and Artisan Faire

Farmers Market

2645 Whispering Pines Dr, Running Springs, CA 92382, USA

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Running Springs Area Farmers Market and Artisan Faire

Farmers Market


The Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce Certified Farmers Market and Artisan Faire runs Saturdays, May through October. The time has been 9am-1pm and we will explore if that still works well for the 2021 season.

Enjoy Naturally Grown Fruit & Vegetables, Microgreens, Cage-Free Eggs, Honey, Spices, Bread, Jams, Sweets, Coffee, Dips, Food, Hot Food (Mexican Food, Tamales, Stuffed Avocados), Face Masks, Soap, Art, Crafts, Products, Clothing, Body Products, Community Groups, Plants and More.

2020: FREE Snow Valley Mountain Resort Ski Lift Tickets (one with $25 purchase; limit two per person) on the last Saturdays of May-August, as well as Every Saturday in September and October.

We are asking customers to please distance 6 feet (unless family/roomies), wear face masks/coverings (nice, but optional), sanitize/wash hands and cough/sneeze into your elbow/tissue and away from products/people. If you are sick, please stay home during this time. 

Visit Running Springs Farmers Market and Artisan Faire at for other vendor contact information (some vendors do mail order).

Updates are posted on Facebook & Twitter @RSfarmersmarket or Instagram @RS_farmersmarket.

Additional Location Information:

At 6,000 feet elevation, the field has nice views of nearby pine trees, blue skies (mostly) and cooler mountain temperatures. The area is considered a Gateway to the San Bernardino Mountains. Many visitors come year round to enjoy the San Bernardino National Forest.


9 a.m. PST - 1 p.m. PST
Season Starts May 02 2020
Season Ends   Oct 31 2020




Market Manager Susan Heisler and Market Manager Kevin Somes
This mountain farmers market has many vendors (half from the mountain communities) and some vendors change every week. Buenrostro Farm brings strawberries, cage-free eggs from Markowicz Farm, some Herbs and lots of vegetables and added fruit in the summer. Happy Hawk Farm comes with microgreens, avocados (when available), guacamole, salsa and oranges. Gaytan Family Farms has a wide array of your favorite vegetables as well as strawberries and blueberries and more fruit in the summer.

The market is sponsored by the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce and is volunteer led. We have quite a crew of volunteers!