Vendor Policies

Vendor Policies

Our Policies for Vendors on Farmspread

Vendor Profiles

Vendors profiles are not allowed to solicit the sale of products by directly linking other online stores.

Vendors may use their profile to promote attendance at markets when registered in that market via Farmspread.

Vendors may use their profile to promote any brick and mortar stores.

Vendor statement of Practices

Farmspread requires each farm grown product seller to declare their farming certifications and/or standard practices.

Farmspread promotes healthy food options but understands that certifications can be expensive, especially for small farms. Additionally, Farmspread understands that certifications have their limits and some producers may meet or exceed certification standards.

As such, Farmspread does not discriminate, we only ask that you make a publically viewable statement on your certifications and standard practices so buyers can make fully informed decisions. Multi-ingredient products (ie. baked goods) must contain a full list of ingredients.

Online direct sales

In order to qualify for online direct sales you need to maintain and provide vendor product proof of insurance (see terms of service)

Vendor Disputes

All vendor disputes are between the Seller and Buyer, Farmspread is will provide all necessary contact information.

Vendor Refunds

Farmspread requires all vendors to accept refunds for reasonable reasons. If it comes to our attention that reasonable refund requests are not being honored we hold the right to disable your storefront privileges.

Damaged Goods

Farmspread requires all vendors to offer refunds or product replacements on all verified damaged goods. If it comes to our attention that verified damaged goods are not being replaced or refunded we hold the right to disable your storefront privileges.

Acceptable products

All products sold online-direct must adhere to the following

  • fall under one of our product categories
  • any item NOT produced or manufactored direct by the seller must be labeled as reseller
  • vitamins or products with specific medical claims are NOT allowed
  • multi-ingredient products must meet all FDA regulatory standards (see FDA Food Additives & Ingredients)
  • multi-ingredient products must contain a complete list of ingredients
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