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Our Nutty Manifesto
Like all good things, Nutty Cakes was born out of a necessity to Indulge Consciously. In our culture, food brings us together. From bubbly bridal showers to space-tastic birthday parties, food is there to amp up the fun! But when you have a food sensitivity or allergy, a lot of foods are not an option for you. This leaves you feeling anxious about attending events and celebrating holidays that used to fill you with so much joy. I'm here to tell you that those days are over!

Why should you have to choose between celebrating your life with those you love or sacrificing your healthy lifestyle? At Nutty Cakes, you don't have to!

We create Indulgent Desserts for the Conscious Eater.

All of our recipes are free from grains, gluten, refined sugars and cow dairy. Stop skipping the dessert table and start making Nutty Cakes a new member of your family!


Dallas County, TX


Sharae Averhart
Hey there, my name is Sharae and I am the creator & baker behind Nutty Cakes. For the past five years I have been developing and perfecting my Paleo and Keto friendly dessert recipes and now I am sharing them with the world! I hope you'll join me in my mission to help all people come together, celebrate and Indulge Consciously, one cupcake at a time.

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