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Dallas County, TX 75244

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Earth Supply Company was formed to sell eco-friendly products to restaurants, caterers and conscientious consumers to address the negative impact caused by the consumption of single-use plastic items on the environment.

We hope that by starting with an environmentally responsible product such as paper straws and eventually broadening our portfolio to include a wide range of smart alternatives, we can make small changes that will keep our planet healthy, our animals healthy and ourselves healthy and create local jobs as well...We can look at things differently, heal our oceans and improve life for our future generations.


Dallas County, TX 75244


Brian Burrows
In 2018, I decided to begin the process of bring paper straws into our Dallas Restaurant Marketplace. With 10 years Banking/Finance experience and 9 years Commercial Construction Project Management experience I have put together a simple model of providing straws to retailers and restaurants. Our initial goal was to begin setting up manufacturing locally in Farmers Branch and create some local jobs as well but instead we have focused on expanding our eco-friendly catalog to offer a broad selection of smart alternatives to Dallas' restaurants and hotels. As we move towards 2020 we welcome any new clients who would like to be associated with our ocean purposed brand.

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