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​We are a small local farm that raises all of our animals in a free range pasture setting between Richmond and Charlottesville Virginia. A well balanced diet and happy environment makes our meat great tasting and high quality. Our beef and pork is processed at a local butcher, which is a USDA inspected facility. We are happy to sell individual cuts of meat as well as the more economical whole and half cow/pig. Also, we understand the needs of Paleo and Whole30 dieters as we too completed our first Whole30 in November 2015. We deliver to specific points in Downtown Richmond, Short Pump, Downtown Bethesda - MD, the YMCA Goochland - VA regularly, based on demand. Please call or email and we will arrange for delivery.

We also believe that knowing your farmer and where your food comes from is a very important aspect of life. We provide a regularly update blog - Farm Lovin' Field Report. In here, we include how to's for cooking meat, our favorite recipes, healthy food news, links to people and places we like and updates on raising our animals. We hope you follow this and also like us, twitter us and google us... as much as you can. - Julie and Kevin


Louisa CountyVA 23024


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