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Amazing Ackee started in 2017, when pastry chef and recipe developer Chantal Thomas bursting with ideas for an ackee* cookbook decided to share her recipes on a blog instead.

In response to overwhelming questions of opening a restaurant location or food truck; Amazing Ackee LLC was registered in March 2018. We acquired a bakery license and now bring to you a taste of the islands in the form of our Vegan Jamaican Patties.

In Jamaica, patties (especially beef & chicken) are our go-to breakfast, lunch or snack meal. Our version stays true to it roots with a filling that is full of flavour and a gorgeous flaky crust without the use of shortening or animal fat.

We’ve partnered with local farms such as EZ Pickins Orchard in Enfield Connecticut for delicious local produce and in addition to our signature Jamaican Ackee patties, we now make new favorites like Jerk Spiced Eggplant and Curried Chickpea & Zucchini Patties. From time to time we feature a Caribbean inspired treats and island favorites such as Plantain Tarts, Ginger Lemonade and “Chocolate Tea” (Jamaican hot chocolate made from raw cocoa).

We invite you to get excited about ackee! The journey is just beginning :-)

*Nutritionally similar to avocado, ackees are the fruit of a tropical evergreen brought to Jamaica from Africa in the 18th century where it has thrived and risen to the status of National Fruit.


Hartford County, CT


Chantal & Webster Thomas
Chantal is the Chef and Webster is the official taste tester. Everything Amazing Ackee is dreamt up, tested and executed by the husband and wife team.
Every now and again another Thomas may pop on the scene to help out. It's a family affair!


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