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Dallas County, TX 75041

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Wackym's Kitchen has been sharing sweetness and cookie love since October 2008. We first started selling our cookies at local farmers markets in the Dallas-Ft Worth area where our customers came to buy our original five flavors. To our great surprise and delight, in all sorts of weather (the hottest days of summer to the coldest, wettest days of winter), week after week, the customers came, tasted, and took away treats.

Over the years, we began selling through retailers to help spread the sweetness, and we now share cookie love throughout Texas and beyond. If we are not in a store near you, then we are happy to ship an order directly to you. Wackym's Kitchen also continues to be involved weekly with the local food movement by participating in farmers markets and foodie events throughout the year.

We operate out of our own dedicated kitchen located in Dallas, Texas and produce crispy cookies that are all made from real butter, cane sugar and unbleached/unbromated flour. At Wackym's Kitchen we use only fresh ingredients with no artificial flavorings or preservatives.

As Chief Cookie Officer, I bring a rich and varied background to Wackym’s Kitchen products, from many years of training in fashion design, art, and art history, including fifteen years working as a fashion designer, to six years spent leading Neiman Marcus' Epicure and Candy product development team. This diverse professional journey led me to open Wackym's Kitchen.


Dallas County, TX 75041


Paul Wackym
Wackym’s Kitchen is known for light, crispy and crunchy, unique and classic cookie varieties like you would make at home. We bake salty-sweet, spicy-sweet and new-traditional flavors, but with a twist. We work in small batches, making cookies from only real butter, cane sugar, and unbleached/unbromated flour. We hand peel citrus, grind fresh ginger, and toast our own nuts. At Wackym's Kitchen we use only fresh ingredients with no artificial flavorings or preservatives using original artisanal recipes to create a hand-crafted and hand-packed product, and our offer 37 varieties throughout the year.


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