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Bugalu is a project we started on February 8th of this year and that is why we don't have social media set up yet. However, I am currently working on creating the company logo and setting up the website and once that is all available I will provide it.

Bugalu will be a food establishment serving authentic Latin American food. My plan is big but of course we must start somewhere and while visiting the Dallas Farmers Market about a month ago I thought why not start here?! as it will give me the opportunity to market to different nationalities. To start, the main dish will be the authentic savory Salvadorean pupusa. A Pupusa, a Salvadoran dish, is a thick, handmade tortilla, based on a dough, or masa, made of corn or rice flour. It is stuffed with one or more of the following ingredients: cheese ( usually a viscous cheese called quesillo that is very common in certain countries), chicharrón (pork rinds), squash, refried beans, or cheese with loroco. The cook will be my mother. I grew up knowing that she was a great cook and that her food tasted delicious because people would buy her food and would ask her to cook for big celebrations. She helped my oldest sister start her Restaurant and now she's helping me. (My sister's restaurant is called Lirios Restaurant, located in Irving, TX).

My short term goal is to offer a more healthier option of this traditional dish by using organic ingredients to offer a more healthier & colorful option to this dish. Besides the dish, we will be making fresh fruit juices or aguas frescas what you would call it in Spanish. Also, besides that we will have other food options depending on how people react to it.

I really hope that Dallas Farmers Market will be the stepping stone for Bugalu.

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Tarrant County, TX 76140

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