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Wayne County, MI 48221

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Andrew Kail is a studio potter and educator working in Detroit, Michigan. He holds a ceramics degree form Northern Michigan University and is the founder of Jack Pine Savage Clayworks.

"It is important to me to make work that is utilitarian and affordable in nature while being unique, handmade and one of a kind. I enjoy the simple daily ritual of a great cup of coffee in the perfect mug. The decal process allows me to work with images across time and culture, co-opting snips of art and creating something new out of them."

His work can be seen on the Jack Pine Savage Etsy page, his home studio in Detroit, Pewabic Pottery and POST.

He has taught numerous classes and workshops at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, Portland Community College, the Vancouver School District and Portland Public Schools. He was a regular teacher and kiln technician at Georgie's Ceramic and Clay in Portland Oregon for many years. He now teaches at the historic Pewabic Pottery in downtown Detroit and the Michigan Art Center in Garden City.

Production Practices

"I hand throw each piece on the pottery wheel. It is then dried, trimmed, cleaned and loaded into an electric kiln for its first firing at ^04 or 1945 degrees. The pieces are then brushed with glazes and fire again at ^6, or 2230. I then apply the decals to the fully fired work and and they go back in the kiln for the third time to set the decal.
I use an iron oxide digital transfer technique. This utilizes a black and white laser printer where the toner is 50% iron oxide, which is used in ceramics as a stain. The decal itself burns away in the kiln but the iron in the toner melts and fuses to the glaze. "


Wayne County, MI 48221


Andrew Kail


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