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Safari Meats started on a farm in Alma Georgia in 1976. Safari developed a recipe that was used to season his Livestock from his 5 acres of land. Safari used the techniques that Amish Farmers would use to ensure that the livestock was raised naturally as nature intended. The difference with Safari’s seasoning is that his herbs and spices came from his garden and the seasonings mixed together made his sausage spectacular. His lamb, beef, and chicken sausage traveled from city to city, because Safari loved to pack the family up and say, “Lets Go On A Safari”. After the passing of Safari in 1992, his recipe continues to use Amish chickens. When chicken is raised properly it is happier, and this will ensure the chicken will have the best quality for the end consumer.

Production Practices

Our chicken sausage only use Amish & Halal Chicken to ensure that consumers receive the healthiest protein. We are USDA certified with our CoPacker Winters Sausage located in East Point, MI.


Oakland County, MI 48237


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