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Denton County, TX 76209

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We began in Austin in 2015 and in the spring of 2017 began producing in Denton for the DFW area. The company is a family business run by brothers Benjamin (Austin) and David (Denton/DFW) Weaver. Farmers Markets have been a launching pad for the business as we currently offer 17 flavors that we rotate seasonally as certain fruits and produce become available. SoCo has built a following at the Markets based on its bottle refill model where customers can refill their SoCo growler for a discount at the Markets.

It's hard to go back once you've had the real thing. It took patience, but we've crafted a true ginger beer made from only fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and lightly sweetened with organic cane juice that is a cut above. No chemicals disguised as “natural flavors”. No preservatives. No high fructose anything. Just clean, crisp ginger beer compliments of the freshest ingredients we could find.


Denton County, TX 76209


Dave Weaver

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