Bam’s Vegan

Tarrant County, TX

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My name is Brandon Waller and I’m the owner/founder of Bam’s Vegan. A local pop up chef who’s aiming to change the vegan culture of Dallas. My main mission statement is to get people accustomed to vegan dishes tasting amazing. I want to eliminate the stigma of bland vegan food and the ideology that all vegans eat are grass. This concept helps me break down the barriers to healthier eating. It will encourage people to get creative and think outside the box and have them realize that eating plant based is way more than just lettuce! I prepare 100% plant based meals with in season/local produce. Everyday I drive to change someone’s mind about their idea of clean eating. I am also in the business of catering and meal prep to offer more convenient options for my customer.


Tarrant County, TX


Brandon Waller

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