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Tarrant County, TX

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Socialite Pink is a growing DFW-based jewelry company based on 3 things: gorgeous handmade boho jewelry, women supporting women and giving back. For every piece we sell, we donate a piece to a woman or girl overcoming life's challenges. Our jewelry line incorporates the hottest trends and allows our customers to customize their own signature piece. We're delighted to have our pieces handmade by DFW stay at home moms. You can find our sparkly giving party at @socialitepink on Instagram, boutiques in Texas and at


Tarrant County, TX


Brooke Reynolds
After 8 years as a commercial real estate attorney, Brooke Reynolds, Founder and Chief Giving Officer, decided to leave it all behind and start the company of her dreams. Socialite Pink is based on 3 simple things: Gorgeous jewelry, women encouraging women and giving. With no experience in jewelry-making or design, she took classes at a local bead shop, watched a few YouTube videos and took a leap of faith.
To make our giving personal and powerful, we started our "sparkle you, sparkle her" 1-for-1 gifting program: for each piece we sell, Socialite Pink will gift a piece to a woman or a girl who is overcoming life's challenges with grace and strength. Together, we're brightening another woman's day and assuring her that there are other women thinking of her and cheering her on.

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