Texas Honeybee Guild

Dallas County, TX 75214

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Urban/rural Blackland Prairie Bee-Wranglers, Susan & Brandon Pollard
offer Zip Code HoneyTM & more products from the hive.
Conservation, Education, and Artisanship are the standard and foundation of this North Texas honey-cottage industry.

Celebrate the joy of a direct link to natural bee-folk & our colonies in your midst-
Texas Honeybee Guild yields:

-Zip Code Honey®
-Blackland Prairie Wildflower Honey
-Whupped Honey-varieties
-Sweet-Nut-Thangs (local-yoke-all TX pecans)
-Bee Pollen (seasonal)
-Chunk & Comb Honey (seasonal)
-Whupped Honey
-Beeswax Hand Lotion Bars (TX olive oil)
-Local Beeswax

Production Practices

Non Gmo Antibiotic And Hormone Free Holistic Management

Unfiltered, Raw, Local Honey from our urban locations in DFW and our larger yard outside of Royse City (50 miles away). No additives, no corn syrup, no antibiotic treatment or chemical feed.


PO Box 140464, Dallas County, TX 75214

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