Pappardelle's Pasta

Denver County, CO 80207

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Described as the “Michaelangelos of Pasta,” like fine sculptors, Pappardelle’s craftsmen have been shaping colorful, flavorful pasta dough into edible art since 1984. Starting with the finest natural ingredients, we make all of our products in small carefully monitored batches using time-tested traditional Italian methods, fused with our innovative international flavor profiles. Our recipes have been fine-tuned so that the intense flavors, aromas and colors retain their vibrancy through the cooking process, and our ravioli fillings, sauces and pesto are hand-made, ensuring they are rich and textured. The result? Over 150 delectable varieties of gourmet pasta, ravioli, gnocchi, pesto & sauces sure to satisfy your culinary creative passions and your gastronomical delight.


Denver County, CO 80207

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