Eko Deko

Kaufman County, TX 75126

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Handcrafted and sustainably sourced woodworking items such as shelving, furniture, accent pieces, and wood art.

Ech·o /'eko/ (of an object, movement, or event) be reminiscent of or have shared characteristics)

Eko Deko's roots began with a desire to build woodworking projects in the most sustainable way possible. The majority of the lumber used to make these wood products is hand-milled from trees knocked down after storms, or salvaged from old barns and buildings. This process gives each piece real details that echo the life and unique story carried through variations of size, color, shape, knots, holes, and cracks. The other items and vintage scores in the shop have been personally hunted and selected to compliment each other, or to be that finishing touch you've been searching for. Find what you're looking for and let it echo your place in the world.


Kaufman County, TX 75126

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