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Pinellas County, FL 33703

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I am a St. Pete Florida based artist specializing in illustration, printmaking, fine art and surface pattern design. I use a modern color palette to create illustrations and abstract art that are both visually and emotionally impactful. I'm an empath by nature, and I see art as a way to express my heightened sensitivity. I hope what I create gives others the opportunity to see the beauty in adopting an open minded, observant, worldly perspective.

My work has been featured on the popular design blog, Design Love Fest, in interior designer Jenny Komenda's web based, Juniper Print Shop, as well as in collaboration with Tampa's Boho Hunter boutique and WeeVintage online collective. My most recent abstract series is available for sale at The Art of Living, in Sarasota, Florida.


Pinellas County, FL 33703


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