Planeta K

Manatee County, FL 34221

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Planeta K is run by the Fernandini sisters. One lives in the USA and the other lives in Peru. We create sublimated products in Peru all of them are hand made. Sometimes we hire help to put together our products, our helpers are normally women that have a hard time finding jobs, or men that have been out of work for health issues. We are proud to help out these people that are in need and use Planeta K as a trampoline to get back on the workforce.

Production Practices

The production of our products leaves us with tons of paper and fabric waste. We recycle all our paper and deliver it to places where it can be used for packaging, paper mache products, fillings for hand made art, etc. Our fabric waste is donated to different places like orphanages and skill training for women. We are really careful with the disposal of our waste.


Manatee County, FL 34221


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