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Katey's Kitchen has been in existence since I started college and began in earnest, cooking for myself and experimenting with healthy cooking. As a legit business I am just starting. November 9th 2016 is my first day of baking in a commercial kitchen and bagging my Granola for sale. I was urged to sell this delicious stuff last Christmas when I gave it out as presents. I hemmed and hawed at the idea of making it a side business, as I am a Chiropractor by day and have a pretty busy schedule. The more I made it and gave it away for feedback it became evident that I was headed into the granola making business. What I love about this Granola is that it is simple and delicious. It is made only with organic nuts, local maple syrup and honey . It is GRAIN FREE which is so important to me due to the overabundance of health challenges that come from eating grains.

Katey's Kitchen to me, represents home, health, love and community. Home and specifically the kitchen have always been a source of creativity for me. It is where I can express myself through my edible concoctions. I love sharing and being able to nourish family and friends and now my community with healthy good food. It is with this intention that I have created Katey's Kitchen and my sharing of Karmic Crunch!


New Haven County, CT 06525

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