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Montgomery County, TN 37010

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We started by thinking outside of the box. In the current produce distribution system food is grown on MegaFarms, using GMO seeds the food goes to factories to be processed as prepackage food all to the detriment of quality and the small family farms. We believe in thinking differently.
We dove off into the abyss to challenge the status quo to bring you, our customers, hydroponic produce for you to sustain your family on high quality Fresh Locally Grown Non-GMO produce ensuring a healthy lifestyle and future.
We grow Lettuce, Cucumbers, Chard, Bok Choi and various other greens year round following the Organic Growing Protocols. To this we pledge and promise to you

Production Practices

Integrated Pest Management Extended Growing Season Non Gmo Permaculture Design

Our lettuce and cucumbers are grown in Controlled Environment Agriculture type greenhouse to ensure the closest to perfect product to our customers, We use no Pesticides other than OMRI approved for organic production and integrated pest management. Our growing system provides us with year round production of greens. All seed are from Johnny's Seeds and are Non-GMO. Summer time production follow the permaculture-design with no till and crop rotations where we continue to practice OMRI/Organic Protocols


Montgomery County, TN 37010


Charles Pecka and Myong Pecka
We are a retired military couple who after travelling the world and gained knowledge of foods and food sources with a lot of knowledge on practical Asian foods, preparation, resourcing and cooking techniques. We got into production based on local needs of the Korean Community and grew into a Market Farm providing produce to the Clarksville and Nashville Farmers Markets.

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