GreenFare Organic Cafe

Fairfax CountyVA 20170

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GreenFare Organic Cafe is a local restaurant, 1 of 6 USDA organic certified in the US, that prepares ready to go plant-based meals, without salt, oil, or sugar for optimal health.


Certified Naturally Grown
USDA Organic

Production Practices

One of 6 USDA Organic Certified restaurants in the US.
The only restaurant in VA certified at the Platinum level by, and 1 of 5 in the US
Fairfax County Green Business Partner

All containers are compostible and dissolve in 90 days.


Fairfax CountyVA 20170


Gwyn Whittaker
Former executive in the National Security community who discovered that Food is Medicine and pursued her passion to share food and education at GreenFare Organic Cafe.


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