Chocotenango provides hand crafted chocolates made in small batches right here in Washington DC. From his 100% original recipes our chocolatier has created a range of truffles, molded and enrobed chocolates, chocolate bars and hot chocolate mix. So, what makes Chocotenango special? First and foremost, our chocolates are delicious! More than a business, Chocotenango is a passion. Our totally original recipes have been honed through years of owning our own store and lots of tasting. And, our chocolates are lovingly hand crafted in small batches by our chocolatier. Chocotenango also cares about the world around us and the health and well being of our customers. All of our packaging is made fully or partially by recycled materials and our plastic products are biodegradable or compostable. Our chocolate, while blended, is largely fair trade and organic, and our ingredients are as fresh as possible, including handpicked rosemary. You are sure to love them!


, DC 20008

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