Alabama Lifeline Inc

Tuscaloosa County, AL 35401

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We have been in several businesses since 1973. Farming has been in our blood throughout our lifetime. We have many generations of farming in our ancestry.

We have a small 9 acre farmet. We currently have approximately 200 plus chickens, ducks, geese, and wild turkeys.

We sell eggs at the Rivermarket. Along with eggs, we sell 8 varieties of Herbal Teas, 2 Flavors of Pork Rinds, 2 Flavors of Kimchi, Hot Sauce, Extra Hot Sauce, Sweet Potatoes, various vegetables when in season, and some Baked Goods.

Production Practices

Free Range Antibiotic And Hormone Free Pastured

We believe that the healthiest eggs come from hens which are raised on a Free Range basis. They are housed in a hen house for their protection at night from predators, then turned out to pasture for them to forage for themselves throughout the day.

No one knows what a hen should eat, better than a hen. They eat bugs, worms, grass, seeds, and whatever else they choose to eat.

Our hens are not given any antibiotics.


Tuscaloosa County, AL 35401

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