I own a business called Eat Smart - we make and sell dog treats under the brand Jonesin for a Treat. We sell our treats at local shops like Shyndigs 2 Go, Stella's Market, Union Market, For the Love of Pete as well as at Cary Street Vet. In addition to dog treats we make holiday treats for humans like spiced nuts, snack mix and such.

Production Practices

Our dog treats are made from 100 decent human grade products. We offer dehydrated sweet potatoes that are 100 percent US grown sweet potatoes with no preservatives or additives. We also make Peanut Butter Banana treats.

We rent commercial kitchen space in the museum district and are licensed to sell dog treats though the state. We have a catering license with the city of Richmond and a current health inspection.


VA 23225


Abbie Toner and Tommy Jones
We are a wife-husband team located in the City of Richmond. We started with Eat Smart making and delivering healthy, portioned meals to busy professionals.

When Tommy and I met, I had a sharpie-lab mix named Pudge. He was funny, grumpy, and very choosy about this people. He also had a number of skin allergies and stomach issues. I used to buy sweet potato treats for him, and when Tommy found out what I was paying for them, he was incensed. He was convinced he could make a better product, and lo and behold - he was right. So we started with the sweet potato treats and from there, Tommy developed the second recipe for Peanut Butter and Banana. Our current pup is partial to those - but whose dog doesn't like peanut butter?

We are micro- and women-owned certified through the state SBSD office.

We love what we do.


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