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Robin's Egg Essentials offers a variety of tools for every day holistic living, including jewelry, such as meditation bracelets and necklaces that can be used as essential oil diffusers, a collection of essential oil blends to aid in freeing the chakra energies, and workshops.
Our mission is to combine function with beauty while giving you an opportunity to find balance and center in your holistic practices. Each piece is handmade with positive and healing energy and intention, meant to bring you closer to your center. This is done through infusing energy into each piece as well as through design, materials (stones, crystals, and metals), and the ability to add essential oils to most pieces.We are the first in the Richmond area to include the Claps Diffuser® on all of our necklace designs.


VA 23235


Kate Lipka
Kate is the owner, designer, and all around mama bird of Robin's Egg Essentials, which is the manifestation of her connection to the earth and its energy.


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