Trehaus Juice Co.

Goochland County, VA 23063

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Trēhaüs (pronounced tree house) Juice co. offers the freshest cold-pressed raw fruit and veggie juice blends made sans sugar, additives, or fillers - just raw, pure flavors higher in nutritional value! We strive to deliver 1-of-a-kind flavors by using fruit & veg combos atypical for the cold-pressed juice industry.

Production Practices

We use only BPA free, stainless steel, masticating juicers to produce richer, deeper, and purer fruit and veggie flavors with less oxidation to yield juice higher in nutritional value than those juiced centrifugally.


Goochland County, VA 23063

Chiknegg Commercial Kitchen aka where the magic happens!


Wanny L. & Kristin M.


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