All candles you see here are one of a kind. At Sun Theory, I take old, used containers & repurpose them into scented candles. Conserving existing resources reduces the need to harvest new materials to meet our society’s demands and reduces the amount of “trash” we bury in the earth just to dispose of it.

At Sun Theory we use all natural soy wax & 100% pure essential oils to create these one of a kind treasures. Our candles are earth friendly, vegan, and hand-poured.


VA 23221


Megan Althoff
I am a recent graduate from VCU - I majored in Small Business/Entrepreneurship. I've always had a passion for small business and have always been a big proponent of supporting them. My whole life I have dreamed of creating and running my own business and in February of this year I made the leap and launched Sun Theory. I have always been a crafty person and through Sun Theory I have had the opportunity to merge my creative side and my business side. I am eager to see where this path takes me and hope to grow my business in the local Richmond market.


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