Ayé! makes unique items from vibrant genuine African and African-inspired fabrics from around the world. From earrings and purses to clothing and furniture, each piece is handcrafted with love, sparks joy and starts great conversation. With busy professionals in mind, each product transitions seamlessly from one facet of life to another, such as from work to play. We also have a growing line of all-natural, organic skincare inspired by the tropics. Ayé! products support the indigenous economies and artisans who hand-dye our fabrics using traditional techniques. Ayé! is also a cultural ambassador building cross-cultural bridges through the textile arts.

Production Practices

Each unique product is designed in-house by our creatives, then handmade in small quantities with the finest level of craftsmanship. Many of our textiles are custom-designed just for us by skilled indigenous West African artists, then expertly hand-dyed using generations-old traditional methods. Because they are handmade, no two items are exactly alike, and this charming "imperfection" proudly distinguishes them from mass-produced goods.




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