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Our company was created out of the love of a mother that wanted to soothe her daughter's irritated skin without any remedies. Our soaps and all of our products are created using self-grown items or items sourced locally. We only use 100% pure natural ingredients in all of our products. Because of the demand for our products by friends, family, neighbors and those they knew, Pasqualina & Magdalene was born and named after the founder's daughters. It is woman owned and operated (mother and 2 minor daughters) company. Each item is small batch created by the mother and two daughters and may be customized in products and packaging to meet the needs/requests of customers. This is done for customers with sensitive skin, those just wanting natural products for their skin, and even companies wanting to give employees or their customers something special.

Production Practices

We grow most of our products when possible or buy locally to know what's in our products and only use 100% pure natural ingredients (nothing artificial/synthetic, no dyes, no preservatives, no sufates/parabens, no dairy or milk based, no glycerin or bases). Each one of our soaps (as well as all of our products) are created with a unique recipes.


Louisa CountyVA 23093


Aretha P. Smith
A mother that loves her and her daughters' skin. The three (3) of us create all of our products with love for personal use and to share with you.


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