Clean Conscience Chocolates

Goochland County, VA

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We are a small artisan chocolate company just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia and our mission is to convince people that Chocolate is FOOD - - - not candy! Our signature line of all natural healthy gourmet treats are all made by hand in small batches using the world's only Biodynamic-certified chocolate (which is also RAW). They are super clean, uniquely delicious as you would expect from our quality ingredients, not overly sweet, healthful, and are all:
- 100% Natural
- PALEO-friendly
- Non-GMO
- Dairy / Gluten / Soy -FREE
- No-Refined Sugar / Preservatives / Stabilizers

Cacao is a special food with a rich cultural heritage, holistic properties, and is incredibly healthful - after all, it’s made from a SUPERFOOD. Our Chocolate is a 70% Cacao, Single-Origin, Biodynamic-Certified and is RAW. Minimally processed - the beans are dried naturally (not roasted) - so that it retains the maximum amount of nutrients.

You can INDULGE without the guilt!


Goochland County, VA


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