Tom Lowe Wood Sculptor

Buckingham County, VA 23004

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Upon picking up his first carving tool at the age of 10, Tom knew that carving would be a life long journey.

He was trained to carve with a chisel and mallet, his methods have become more modern by using power tools but his goal is still the same, to create something that takes on a uniqueness all of it's own.

Tom was raised on Martha's Vineyard Island, surrounded by the sea. A large part of his inspiration comes from nature. Where you and I might see entwined branches or a piece of seaweed, Tom sees a way to represent that in wood. With each tree that he chooses to work with, careful thought is used to bring out its inner beauty.

For the last 3 decades years he have faithfully pursued his passion to create beautiful, authentic works of art using wo


Buckingham County, VA 23004


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