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Originally known as Glam By Sam, I started creating custom handmade jewelry with a wider variety of materials. However, as I have evolved and improved over the years, I have limited myself to the materials I use. Today, I prefer to use what I refer to as REAL materials... real amethyst, genuine garnet, certified rubies, hemp cord, shell, lava... all materials that are REAL, authentic, and true from the earth. I still do business as Glam By Sam, because that is the name many folks came to know me and my jewelry by. But, as I progress forward, I present my work under the name Eden --- the Celtic meaning for fire, passion, ambition.... which is what stones and jewelry making is to me --- my fire inside, my passion. I look forward to sharing a wonderful journey with you, creating your very own personalized jewelry... whether it's to make a statement or remember someone special or celebrate an occasion... whatever the reason, no matter the season... Eden Rocks!!!

Production Practices

Production practices vary depending on the jewelry being made and the materials being used.


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