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Denton County, TX

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My son suffered from chronic asthma and my daughter chronic ear infections. Not only were they always sick, but it felt like they were always on antibiotics, steroids, breathing treatments, antihistamines and daily inhalers. After trips to the emergency room and pediatrician even surgeries, we had had it. Not only did we feel helpless as parents but we felt like modern medicine had failed our family. On and on it went, with no relief in sight.

Then, a family friend stepped in and introduced us to Elderberry. The taste from the store bought stuff was terrible, an absolute waste of money (and it was super-expensive!). So, I began brewing it myself. It. Was. A. GAME CHANGER. Our kids went from missing multiple days of school to none. We were no longer getting sick at ever turn. Our family could finally plan vacations in advance, play outside again, and enjoy family and friends again.

Soon, extended family, friends, friends of friends, even complete strangers started asking for my Elderberry syrup! And they kept coming back. As you can probably see: my family is my why, they are why I do this! I want EVERYONE to know there is hope! We have found relief from ALLERGIES, ASTHMA, COLDS and even the FLU. I count it a true honor to help your family with Elderberry, as this amazing syrup has helped mine!

Production Practices

Use Only Organic Materials

I use only organic ingredients, reverse osmosis water and local raw honey.
My elderberries have been sourced through small organic farms in the USA.


Denton County, TX


Jennifer Griffin
My name is Jennifer, I am a mother of two and a wife to my husband of 10 years.
Originally from Coppell, Texas, I graduated from Coppell High School in 2004 and attended UNT. After receiving my MBA in strategic management, I worked for a number of companies in digital marketing strategy. After my kids suffered from chronic illnesses and I cancer, I decided to take our health into my own hands. Not only did that mean eating healthier (fresh produce, hormone free meat and dairy, and a more holistic approach to our healthcare) One of these changes was Elderberry. It has honestly changed our lives and the lives of so many we know. I want to share this amazing berry with the world and give everyone the opportunity to experience its benefits.


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