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Oklahoma County, OK 73105

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Hello my name is Chef Nicole Asali owner of Health Koncious a 100% vegan and plant based comfort catering company!! We are known for our authentic flavors and 100% organic seasonings and spices! Please feel free to look up any of our social media platforms to see all of our innovative dishes from crab cakes to oxtails and smothered pork chops!! 😍🥦😋 @healthkoncious or!

Our Staff is full of personality with a passion to serve we apologize now for our singing but we can’t help but to have a great time! We thrive when we are allowed to purchase produce from local farmers and we hope to Possiy work with the farmers to build those relationships! Thank You!!

Production Practices

All of our chefs are serve safe certified with min of 8 years of experience!


Oklahoma County, OK 73105


Chef Nicole Asali
Chef Nicole Asali is the owner and operator of Health Koncious, a holistic plant- based catering company with a mission to educate urban food desserts on how to make a plant-based diet affordable, functional, and accessible in all areas. Chef Asali is an advocate for healthy eating and focuses her career on teaching all ages how to successfully prepare healthy meals. With over 8years in the professional culinary arts industry, 5years in plant-baded cooking, and 2year of Holistic Health Coaching experience. Chef Nicole Asali has successful crafted the art of food transitioning. Chefs culinary expertise is in plant-based comfort classic foods such as her famous plant-based cheese sauce, lasagna, gumbo, and soul foods. When asked what her food philosophy is Chef Nicole responded " I believe in teaching people that with food you can indulge without destroying your body. That we need to become more aware of what we eat while also maintaining functionality. I’m not asking for extreme changes in our diets but to transition our mindsets so we can learn how to recognizing the difference between life giving foods and life taking. So then we can make Health Koncious decisions."


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