Getting to know Farmspread Messenger

Complete walkthrough on how to use Farmspread Messenger.

Parts in this guide

  1. Messenger Plans (reading)
  2. Managing distribution lists
  3. Signing-up customers at market
  4. Sending and receiving email
  5. Sending and receiving SMS texts

Part 1: Messenger for Markets

Farmspread Messenger can be used by markets, vendors and CSAs. All you need is a free market or vendor profile to subscribe to the Messenger service. That's all it takes to start building distribution lists to run marketing campaigns and keep in touch with your vendors and/or customers.

Farmspread Messenger has four basic plans to cover most use cases:

Free Starter Plus Premium
Unlimited Vendors Unlimited Vendors Unlimited Vendors Unlimited Vendors
1000 Emails / month 3000 Emails / month 6000 Emails / month 10000 Emails / month
0 SMS / month 1500 SMS / month 4000 SMS / month 7000 SMS / month
0 Customers 125 Customers 320 Customers 600 Customers
Toll-free SMS # Toll-free SMS # Toll-free SMS # Toll-free SMS #

All plans automatically add accepted vendors to a market’s distribution list for free and tag them as “vendors”.

The Free plan is only available to markets with a currently active season. It allows a base of 1000 Emails a month to be sent to vendors only, the Free plan does not allow for adding any contacts to your distribution list.

Upgrading Messenger Plans

To upgrade to a plan, go to Farmspread Messenger in your dashboard and click the plan button as shown in the image below:

View upgrade plans

This will take you to a view of your current plan and a button to upgrade or modify your plan:

Upgrade Plan

Clicking on the upgrade button will open a view that includes all available plans. You can expand any of the plans by simply clicking on it:

Expand Plans

In the example below, clicking on the Starter plan will expand the plan details and expose the Modify button.

Select Plan

From there, clicking the Upgrade button will take you to the pricing and payment for that plan:

Pay for Plan

At this point all you need to do in order to start using the new plan is provide your credit card and click the Pay button.

How Farmspread Messenger is billed

Farmspread bills you $5.00 at the beginning of every month to cover the registration and maintenance of your toll-free SMS number. The full plan fee is only charged on months you actually send an SMS. In the months when you send SMS texts the plan fee is charged on the 1st day of the next month.

In the case you go over the maximum number of SMS texts or Emails in a given month you will be charged for all additional messages at a rate of: .01 per email, .02 per SMS, and .50 per additional customer added to your distribution list.

Downgrading Messenger Plans

Downgrading your plan is as simply as selecting a plan below your current plan. This will expose a downgrade button as can be seen in the example below. In this case we are downgrading from the starter plan to the free plan.

Downgrade Plan

Downgrading to the free plan will release your toll-free SMS number and cannot be undone. Downgrading from from any paid plan to any other paid play will not release your SMS number.

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