Getting to know your vendor dashboard

Complete walkthrough on how to use the vendor dashboard to configure your vendor and apply to markets and seasons.

Parts in this guide

  1. Configure your vendor profile (reading)
  2. Apply to a market
  3. Apply to a season

Part 1: Configure your vendor profile

Your vendor profile is your resume when applying to markets, as well as, how you stay discoverable and accessible when new or returning customers are interested in the products you provide.

Update your profile

From your vendor dashboard, click on Settings

Configure vendor profile screenshot

The first section is your Vendor Information. This covers where markets and customers can find out more about your business, where to follow you on social media, and if you participate in the SNAP EBT program.

Vendor information screenshot

The next section covers your best practices and certifications. There are 2 sections for best practices. The first allows you to associate industry standard tags, and the second is a free-form text field giving you the ability to further elaborate on your best practices. You can also let customers know if you are certified organic or part of the American Grassfed Association.

Note: Being Certified USDA Organic requires that you also state the name you registered with the USDA when receiving that certification.

Vendor best practices screenshot

Next, if you have a colleague that manages the business, which could include the same person who is physically at your booths during market hours, that information can be filled in below.

Vendor manager information screenshot

Finally, the contact information section, this allows you to display your preferred contact information. By default, Farmspread does not publish your telephone number, if you wish to have that displayed publicly on your profile you may choose to enable that here.

Vendor contact information screenshot

Keep in mind that any changes made are immediately available in your public profile for markets and customers to see.

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